COVID-19 Virtual Classes Offered

In order to continue to serve our clients and students and keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 Public Health crisis we are offering Virtual Training for most of our classes. 

This is a great opportunity to continue your training with less distractions in the comfort of your home with your dog! 

Understanding this is a challenging time for most, if not all of us, we are offering many affordable training options.

Virtual Classes Offered:
- Canine Fitness
- Rally executing specific signs
- Tricks & AKC Trick Dog Tests
- Heeling short patterns
- Obedience Drills
- Proofing specific cues
- Husbandry / Cooperative Care Techniques
- Three D's (duration, distance, distraction)
- Crate Games
- Canine Enrichment 
- Your choice...something you want to learn or are struggling with teaching

What You'll Need: 
  • Internet connection
  • Zoom app (free)

Classes are approximately 30-60 minutes.