I want to thank you so much for everything.  Your direction with Lexi has been invaluable, the way you interacted with those lovely ladies at Daystar yesterday was very inspiring in many ways and watching you with those dogs on Sunday was such a treat for Benn & I!  It is obvious God created you to be doing EXACTLY what you are doing and I commend you for following your calling in such a powerful way.  The pure joy you bring to so many people and animals is such a blessing to all you touch and I hope you take a few moments from time to time to realize just how meaningful your work is.  Retiring after 37 years from Bank of America was a pretty daunting life change for me but getting to know you and your beautiful spirit has made this transition so much fun.  

Thank you again Marni for truly making a difference in this world on a daily basis! 

Love & blessings, 

Debbi Correale

"Marni & HUMANEK9: Making the world a better place, one happy well-trained
dog at a time."  "Through her positive training methods, Marni has helped many dog owners learn how to work successfully with their dogs and to communicate properly
with them in order to get the results desired.  All with smiles on their
face, and tails wagging!"

"The bond between us and our dogs is an exceptionally strong one. Marni and
humanek9 helped everyone in our class build on that bond and taught us much
more about our "best friends" and the fun we can have while training them."
- Marie Guerra, Dog Owner

"Marni is a very perceptive trainer. She understands dogs and has the
patience to develop them to the highest levels. In fact, she is so in tune
with the animals she works with, if I didn't know better, I'd look for
paws and a tail!"

- Merrie Meyers-Kershaw, APR, Fellow PRSA
Director, Community Involvement Broward County Public Schools 

Marni has brought our pet therapy program to the "next level."  Her training and tests, in my opinion supersede top national pet therapy programs.    
She is never complacent and continues to educate herself and improve the pet therapy at the Humane Society of Broward County.
- Caroline  Crane, Director of Education Humane Society of Broward County 

"I have worked with Marni Bellavia in the Education Department at the Humane Society of Broward County for the past six years with my pet therapy dog, Mollie.  She has been an excellent teacher and spokesperson for the organization, while showing compassion and a natural grace with animals of all kinds.  She guided me into the pet therapy program at a local assisted living facility and demonstrated how to reach out to the community.  Marni is the ultimate animal advocate and a superb example of integrity as she dedicates her life to bettering the lives of our furry friends."
- Ann Anderson, Retired Teacher & Humane Society Volunteer 

"I have personally known Marni for 5 years.  Her devout dedication to the
animal world, her innate ability to work and nurture them, and her
unbelievable efforts in making this a better world by uniting dogs and their
owners in positive, loving ways, are truly gifts that she possesses."

You will be extremely pleased to have Marni train you and your canine
- Kathleen Menchero, Owner and Dog of All Trades Top Dog Kitchen 

"Tessa and I were approached after training by a K9 officer who had been watching us while waiting his turn on the field.  He asked if he could come see Tessa because he was very impressed with her!  

What a compliment from a police K9 handler, especially after he told us he's been working with police dogs for several years!  He was impressed with how Tessa pays attention and obviously has such fun.  

He was most complimentary of the positive reinforcement style.  Thank you Marni!  You've taught (and will continue to teach) Tessa and me how to communicate and have fun together!!"
- Rebecca Hasty