Rally New Signs / Levels of Competition
Recently, the AKC added new levels of competition to Rally: Intermediate and Rally Master classes for all AKC Rally trials held on or after November 1, 2017. This seminar will introduce you to all the new signs and levels. This seminar will help you learn the new signs and polish your Rally skills. 

This seminar is geared toward teams who are currently active in Rally and/or competing, but the foundations taught in this seminar are appropriate for Novice teams that have Rally experience. 

Three D's
Are you wondering how to increase the duration of your dog's stay? Are you feeling frustrated at not being able to walk too far away from your dog when you ask him to stay? Are you feeling annoyed that your dog doesn't pay attention to you around distractions? This is the seminar for you! 

Each of the Three D's represents a set of challenges for your dog.

  • Duration - the ability to gradually work up the length of time the dog can execute a behavior such as sit / stay
  • Distance - the ability to move away from your dog several feet / yards while your dog executes a behavior such as sit / stay
  • Distraction - the ability to add distractions, such as dropping your treat bag, toy, you sitting on a chair, another dog / person passing by while your dog executes a behavior such as sit / stay while you are at a distance
  • Reinforcement Strategies will be discussed, taught and practiced 

AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) - 1.5 hours
Overview of the 10 test items required for the CGC test. Participants will have an opportunity to work with their dogs on all of the test items. This is not a CGC class but rather a refresher / practice seminar to ensure your dog has mastered the skills needed to take the CGC test. 

Therapy Dog Seminar - 1.5 hours
This seminar will acquaint you with the varies skills needed to become a successful therapy team. This seminar is only for people who are interested in pursing volunteer work in the field of Animal Assisted Therapy. There is a separate class to train you and your dog for therapy work. CLASS  INFORMATION

Tricks for Treats Seminar - 1.5 hours
Super fun seminar to begin engaging your dog to learn tricks. This seminar is a great way to get started working towards your AKC Trick Dog title or by attending our Trick Dog class. Seminar will cover approximately 4-6 tricks and will give you and your dog something different and fun to do together! If you prefer a Trick Dog class we have that too! CLASS INFORMATION


Walk for the Animals! 
Join us as we raise money for the Humane Society of Broward County. 

The Humane Society of Broward County provides shelter, aid and responsible adoptions to animals entrusted to our care, and educates the community about respect and kindness to all animals.